Unforgettable Vacation in Ayia Napa

Cavo Greco cliff

As Summer is coming early in Cyprus, people have plenty of time to enjoy this carefree, fun and relaxing period of the year. Here, people are quite lucky to have sunshine almost all year round, warm temperature and beautiful beaches in each city of the island, except the Capital!

One of the most popular and favourite summer destinations of the island for visitors, as well as for the local people, is Ayia Napa. This is a rather small area located in the northern part of Cyprus, in the district of Famagusta. Irrespective of its size, Ayia Napa is a very vibrant place, filled with people in the summertime, offering various choices of activities to do and amazing views to see. This place is more famous even than the whole island itself!

Places to Stay

There are a plethora of accommodation options in the area with over 150 places to stay, depending on your luxury and cost preferences. Ayia Napa is filled with hotels of all ratings as well as hostels and apartment complexes. Amongst the best-rated hotels of the area is the Napa Plaza hotel, located conveniently in the heart of Ayia Napa, and offering all the necessary luxuries you could wish for when being on holidays! This hotel was recently renovated in 2004, adopting a sensational “adult” concept and providing a comfortable, chic, tasteful and enjoyable environment.

Aphelandra apartments

For someone who is travelling on a low-budget, I would recommend staying at the Aphelandra Apartments complex. This place offers spacious apartment rooms, with a small kitchen along with all the necessary appliances, two single beds or one double depending on your preference, a small living room, a comfortable bathroom and a nice balcony, all these at a really economical price. The rooms are surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, giving you the sense that you are living in an exotic landscape. It is in close walking distance from the centre of Ayia Napa, but far enough to protect yourself from the nightlife noise!

Best Places to Eat

The main street in the centre of Ayia Napa is filled with a variety of places to eat at any time of the day, from popular fast food branches to traditional taverns and restaurants. In case you and your company cannot agree on what to eat, I would recommend going to ‘Napiana’ restaurant, which offers Mediterranean cuisine. The menu includes dishes for all tastes, starting from delicious salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and they offered us a delicious apple pie with vanilla ice cream as a dessert after our dinner.

Getting to Know the Place

Comparing with other countries, Cyprus is significantly smaller, so small that you can barely see it on the map! The good thing about that is that you don’t have long distances to travel while moving from one place to another. So, the best way to get to know Ayia Napa is on foot, since everything is nearby and there are also lots of one-way streets which could make it difficult and tiresome to drive all the time.

Even so, you can have fun exploring Ayia Napa by renting a quad (four-wheel bike) from a local store. This is a quick and fun way to get to know the place, and also be able to visit the nearby areas without getting too tired! The most common reason people rent a quad in Ayia Napa is to visit the amazing beaches of surrounding areas. For example, you cannot leave Ayia Napa before visiting the Nissi beach. This amazing beach with the golden sand and crystal clear blue waters is located around 15 minutes driving distance from the centre of Ayia Napa and it’s a must-see place! The beach was named after a small piece of land which exists in the middle of the sea since ‘nisi’ in Greek means ‘island’. You can enjoy the serenity of swimming in the clean waters and at the same time go wild in the various parties of the bar nearby, called “Nissi Bay” beach bar.

Cavo Greco cave

For the bravest ones, I would recommend visiting the Cavo Greco in Protaras. There is the Cavo Greco cliff from where people, for over 50 years now, were having a dive in the deep blue sea from a fairly tall height. It is a bit scary to walk on the edge of the cliff and preparing to dive, fearing that you might hit the rocks or drown in the deep sea, but it is so liberating once you jump and realise that you have acted pass your fears!

For those who love mystery and adventure, you can have a blast playing a game in an Escape room, right in the centre of Ayia Napa. This is a place where you and your company are locked in a room and you must solve a mystery scenario to escape. It’s a game that puts you in the position to think hard for solving the riddles and puzzles, to work well with your team and also enjoy your time!


The one thing that Ayia Napa is most famous for is its nightlife! If you are looking for a place with endless partying, drinking and dancing this is it. There are so many pubs, discos and nightclubs that you can have difficulties in choosing where to go! There is an unbelievable variety of music styles for all people to have a good time and enjoy the music they like. Additionally, exactly because there are so many places you can go for a drink, the owners offer the visitors good deals of having their favourite drinks at a good price. The place which has it all is the ‘Castle’ club, where there are five different rooms playing music for all tastes. If your style is R’n’B you must try the ‘Black & White’ club for a crazy dancing night. Also, after your drinking, there is a variety of classic and innovating fast food places to help you recover from the dizziness of the alcohol!

Nisi Beach

Overall, Ayia Napa is an extremely fun, adventurous and enjoyable place to spend your holidays. I would definitely recommend you include this in your wishlist!

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